Peach Jam

By October 1, 2018October 9th, 2018Events, North Ridge Events


Recently while chatting with our group here at Windsong at North Ridge the residents expressed that no one will ever take their money. The group was referring to people like the hair dresser and people that come to play music etc. We problem solved together and came up with the idea to make some canned goods to give away as holiday gifts. This took us to the farmers market in Fort Collins and then to the kitchen to make peach jam. It has and will continue to be very fun and rewarding for all of us.

Last Friday the project came full circle when we were able to give a jar of our jam and a card to the gal that comes to exercise with us. She announced that it was her birthday.  The pride that the group and myself felt was amazing. Residents thanked each other and also me for helping see this project thru. The rewards gleaned from this project will continue thru holiday season!