Why Montessori?

By January 17, 2019January 23rd, 2019Events, Front Page, North Ridge Events

Whenever I talk with people about Windsong and Montessori the question always comes up, Why Montessori?

Montessori is a lifestyle and how it enhances the people involved. For our Windsong communities this means that we are resident driven and also that residents are able to excel at typical daily stuff. We always invite residents to participate and help around the community. We have people that like to bake, iron, sweep, vacuum, set tables, wash dishes and so much more. Daily we exercise together, eat together, clean together and enjoy family together. We are a community run by staff and it’s community members to achieve a wonderful, happy and greatly functioning environment.

A few examples of a resident driven community are the fact that residents are able to wake and have breakfast whenever they are ready. They are also able to go to bed whenever they are ready. Staff is always available to help whenever the need is there or they are asked by residents. We have daily snack and hydration times and this is another great example of resident driven. We have a time on our calendar for morning and afternoon snack hour but we do not serve until residents come to the dining room looking for the daily snack. This serves two purposes in the community; one is that we do not waste as much food and it provides for a wonderful morning and afternoon social hour to just chat or play games. This provides everyone with such a sense of family and connected community.

Residents play a huge role in deciding what outings we will take, what kind of food they are served and what type of activities they enjoy. Trust me they are very vocal and honest when asked what they like and don’t like. These decisions should be theirs for they are the ones living within our communities. Monthly resident council meetings are held and we have a resident comment box for the comments that need to be private. Empowering our residents that is MONTESSORI!

For me this is my dream job and as I have said in a previous blog “I am on a mission”. You cannot catch Dementia and Alzheimer’s like you can the flu so when you see us out in the community come visit, reach out and say hello, hold the door open and just treat us like you would anyone else for we are people just like you! Our elders whether afflicted with Dementia or Alzheimer’s have so much to teach us it is up to us to listen closely.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blogs. Please reach out with questions and any feedback you wish to share. Peace, Love and Apple Pie!