Our Exclusive Approach to Dementia Care

The Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® method of care is a person centered approach that focuses on muscle memory and the 5 senses, building on existing skills, interests and abilities.

Our entire staff at WindSong at Eola Hills is specifically trained in the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® approach. In our program, we provide familiar tasks that encourage the residents to be active in the memory care community. Every detail has been selected with the needs of those with memory loss in mind. Life stations are strategically located and focused on careers, hobbies, interests and familiar daily activities. We involve loved ones to learn about the resident’s life story, past daily routines and preferences in order to connect with the person and not the disease. We approach care as a partnership, providing cues when appropriate but encouraging the highest level of independence possible. We work to provide our residents with experiences that mimic those from the past. For instance, for the individual who enjoyed flowers, we might set up a flower arranging activity. Encouraging them through each step and providing cues as needed. This allows the resident to engage socially and it develops an interest in caring for the environment. In the end, the resident is able to feel a sense of pride in their accomplishment that in turn boosts their self-esteem.