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The WindSong family of companies was born from a desire to provide dementia care the right way.

Don Harris and Mike Zingg came together to create the WindSong Communities with the intention of bringing the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle ® Approach to dementia care to the forefront of the senior care industry. They felt that this innovative form of care would prove to be a life enhancing experience for those with dementia as well as their loved ones. With this ideal in mind they set out to create communities where individuals with dementia could continue to actively engage in their lives in a purposeful and meaningful way.

WindSong at Eola Hills, our flagship community, located in Salem, Oregon has been providing Montessori based care since April of 2015. This is the first ever memory care community to become fully certified in the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle ® Approach. This accreditation has been achieved under the guidance of Dr. Cameron Camp, Director of Research and Development for The Center for Applied Research in Dementia. The growth and development of WindSong at Eola Hills has provided the groundwork on which future WindSong Communities are being built.

Don Harris and Mike Zingg, along with Aidan Health Services and the teams at each of the WindSong Communities, look forward to continuing as leaders in the senior care industry through the application of the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle ® Approach to dementia care.

Our Mentor

Cameron J. Camp, Ph.D. (Director of Research and Development) is an internationally-known research scientist in the field of aging. He has been conducting applied and translational research in gerontology, dementia intervention, and cognitive intervention for over 30 years. He has been Principal Investigator on numerous NIH-funded projects, and served as research coordinator on several Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) projects that have brought products to market. He is co-holder of two patents developed in SBIR projects, and has conducted research on interventions for persons with dementia and memory disorders for over 25 years. Dr. Camp has lectured on and trained the use of these interventions in Asia, Australia, Europe, and throughout North America. His writings in this area have been translated into French, Spanish, Greek, Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin. Dr. Camp recently served as President of Division 20 (Adult Development and Aging) of the American Psychological Association.


Our Management Company

Aidan Health Services “We pay attention to details”
Aidan Health Services is a unique company.

They are influential in the Long Term Care Profession, yet they purposely stay small and agile as an organization. As a core value, they prefer to seek influence over affluence. They desire to understate promises and deliver results that always exceed the expectations of others.

Their mission is “To Improve The Way Our Seniors Live”. They take a stand on this principal and remaining small as a company and paying attention to details is their method of accomplishing this mission.

They fundamentally believe that a new model of care is inevitable. The current baby boomer generation will not settle for things as they have always been, and Aidan Health Services has completely re-positioned their company predicated on this one impending reality. This is what makes Aidan Health Services different from everyone else.

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