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Food – acquiring it, preparing it, presenting it and enjoying it are part of every persons life, every day.  These experiences are something that our residents are often not allowed to participate in.  So we have decided to change that and offer these folks the opportunity to enjoy these experiences again. Our residents, planned, shopped for, prepared, served and enjoyed weekly “Mocktail” Hour drinks and snacks.  They prepared snacks for our weekly outings.  They decorated vases and arranged flowers in our centerpieces to enhance the dining experience.  They enjoyed after dinner games of Corn Hole, Giant Jenga as well as Giant Connect Four.

In addition to working with all things food, our residents helped with mailing monthly invoices, lead their own Book Club meeting, assisted in planning the monthly activities calendar and created cards for the local area children’s hospital.  These are just a few examples of what we have been up to.

Montessori is all about offering these folks the opportunity to do the things they would normally be doing if they did not have this disease.  Why not?